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My Passion is in simple, handcrafted dishes served straight from my kitchen. Add even more to your experience with a selection from my Drinks Menu, keeping the whole of Indian Authenticity going!



The Perfect Choice

Lassi is a Yoghurt based drink (similar to milkshake) but Non-Fattening good for your health I have put a new spin on an old Indian classic. Perfect during and after eating my delicious food. Simplicity is the name of the game: I use only fresh ingredients  Are you ready for this culinary sensation? The kids will love the chocolate

£3.00 per 300ml

Indian Tea.jpg


Stay Healthy

There are so many Heath Benefits in each of these Drinks, that it would take page/s to describe. I think the best way to have them is after you have eaten, instead of the obligatory coffee. Greatest thing with Chai (tea) it helps the digestion system!!

£2.75 per 300ml

Indian Lemonade 2.jpeg


Workout = dehydration

No Fizz, brilliant for before and after workout, great for kids to join in. 

Adult/s let your imagination run wild, with your added 'tipple'! great to serve as a 'aperitif'.....

£1.20 per 300ml

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