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If you wish to stand out and have something different at your event or occasion our home cooked mouth-watering food is for you



Asha offers and provides that something different  at your special occasion. Whether at home or at a venue why not 'show off' with food that is truly on-point and engages the senses. With so many options available to you, your guests will be spoilt for choice.


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Dress to Impress; is an age old motto. After an arduous meeting, you just want all to smile, relax and the inevitable hand-shake. What could be better than my Array of Delicious Tapas to 'round things off'.  For further discussion please contact me.



Lunch (at the flick of a lid): Fed up of the usual sarni? Select from The Menu, and I will make your lunch - personally!. You can set this up in advance as many days in the week as you like.

Picnics: So easy for you. Prepared delicay ready to go. Blanket on the ground, pass round the delicious tapas, pour the wine, relax and enjoy. Finally, gather up your rubbish and dispose of responsibly - all done. Sorry I don't supply the Wine!



Why fuss going shopping, then cooking or warming up. Pick what you think everyone would like (check for allergies) and I will make it for you.  

Remember - RED

  • Relax

  • Enjoy

  • Drink (Responsibly!)

Just add Prosecco, wine or beer for the perfect chill evening!

Allergy Notice: If you or any of your guests have any specific food allergies please call to discuss with me.

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Fresh & Simple

With Family and Friends having a get together in the garden, with loads of Family and Friends are here,

Tandoori Chicken cooking on the Tandoor, salad, rice, bread on the go beer and wine a must. Of course Samosa's are in plenty, a friend suggests; I think you should  turn this into a Pie, I laughed, don't be silly... not possible and no-one will like them, then everybody else piped up, and commented 'go on give it a go' they will be 'yummy' knowing you. So  4.00am I wake up, brain all around, thinking Samosa Pie/s......By 12.00pm I had made my First Vegetable Samosa Pie, using the same Spices as in my ordinary Samosa's.  Made; Vegetable, Lamb, Chicken, and Vegan. Went to All My Qualified Tasters; Farm Shops, All Giving Me The Thumbs Up.

So The Samosa Pie was Born.

They are crammed to bursting, full of flavour. I think the Small will serve 2 but I cannot determine peoples tummy intake.  I have Added The Sharing Pie; Large for 6 to 8, and Medium 4 to 6. You will Enjoy once eaten will be back for more..

Freshness and creativity are my favourite ingredients. My menu is varied and the service is unmatched. If you’re looking for a superb culinary experience, call me today.

Asha ~ 07985 623534

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