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Honouring traditional cooking

Tandoori Chicken

Born in Mumbai, early 50's, British Army and all that!! In my growing years, I watched family and friends entertain each other with friendly rivalry - who could cook the best Indian food. Hilarious to say the least!

After arriving in the UK and later starting my own family, all that wonderful knowledge and skill I had acquired was soon put to good use preparing fresh Indian food with love for my family and friends. The years have rolled on and with the encouragement of those around me I have now started a business of my own.

In May 2020 Asha Indian Buffet & Tapas with me as chef/owner started on its journey. This cozy homely establishment highlights my passion for "honest home cooking" Indian style, using only authentic indian spices and techniques in all my dishes.

I have created some of the most delicious combinations of dishes using a wide variety of ingredients, giving you a mouthwatering 'Taste of India'. Step into a world of delicious food where the word 'spice' means full of flavour - and let me welcome you along with my other customers in celebrating Indian food that is authentic, prepared for you with the same care taken when cooking for my family and friends.

Call today and enjoy the flavoursome food prepared for you here at

Asha's Indian Buffet & Tapas.

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